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The Smarter Way to Raise

Our Mission

For the Dreamers 🦄

Founders are the dreamers in action. They are the lifeblood of the global economy whose collective efforts could not be more purposeful and worthwhile. They drive innovation and push the world forward.

Our mission is to fund these founders so amazing things can happen.

Our Story
Brian Folmer, Founder 

I started FirstLook to give founders the opportunity to push forward ideas that change the world, and investors the opportunity to support those changing the world.

Years ago I joined a retail tech and consumer goods startup accelerator in NYC. Each day I witnessed the great lengths founders went to get their products in our hands. I knew they were doing this very same ‘dance’ with other consumer investors as well. Such a grind.

I wondered if there could be a better way. Something to turn a founder’s 1-to-1 grind into a 1-to-many scenario so they could focus their time and energy on building instead of raising. While bike riding one sunny afternoon, I had my ‘OMFG, this is it!” moment. Many sleepless nights later, FirstLook was born.

Today FirstLook exists to support the founders who create value that drives society to benefit humanity. This is our highest calling.

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