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FirstLook for Founders

Your 🚀➜ 📦➜ Investors

Have your product and pitch deck sent directly to investors obsessed with consumer brands.

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Getting Started

How it Works

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Step one

Submit your brand

We’re looking for the basics so we can learn your brand and see where you’re headed.

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Step Two

Let’s talk

We’ll follow up for a deeper conversation. If everything checks out, we’ll put you in the next box shipping out.

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Step Three

You connect

After investors experience your brand, we connect you to those interested in learning about you and your company.

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FirstLook is a great resource, we can’t recommend them enough! We’ve met two of our incredible partners through this program, and would highly recommend to anyone in their early fundraising days.”
testimonial cadence steph
Stephanie HonFounder and CEO, Cadence

“Being selected to the FirstLook box was an incredible opportunity for Moment and led to several conversations with leading investors and startup advisors—some of whom subsequently invested. The experience was super valuable for a young brand like us.”

testimonial moment aisha
Aisha ChottaniFounder, Moment
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“FirstLook was an amazing opportunity for us! It is an incredibly efficient way to connect investors who already have samples, saving us from losing a week to ten days in the conversation process! Highly recommend FirstLook to all founders interested in getting their brand and product in the hands of consumer investors.”

testimonial chasin sydney
Sydney ChasinFounder, Chasin’ Dreams Farm

What We Look For

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We like diverse, agile teams who have a questionably delusional passion for changing the world. Major 🔑- Can you make decisions quickly?

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Product-Market Fit

“…you can always feel product-market fit when it’s happening. The customers are buying the product just as fast as you can make it. -Marc Andreessen

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Traction is great, but you know what’s better? Understanding the levers a startup can pull to change their business. This speaks volumes to operational IQ.

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Market Opportunity

We like it when founders are well read and see patterns before everyone else. They’re playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.

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Helping Others

Philanthropy and/or sustainability should be a cornerstone. If a brand isn’t doing more than returning shareholder value, they’re going in the wrong direction.

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Gravity- you can feel it, you know it’s there, but it’s incredibly hard to describe. Incredible founders have an X-Factor that becomes the gravity to pull everything together.

Our Subscribers

Who Gets a Box?

FirstLook subscribers include Angels, VCs, Family Offices, Syndicates, and Talent Agencies including CAA and Endeavor. Everyone is carefully vetted to ensure they can provide the right capital and strategic value brands need to grow.

FirstLook Investors write checks between $10,000 – $750,000, and have invested in over 700 startups spanning first-check in through Series B.

They also provide access to networks of investors, distributors, retail buyers, manufacturers, influencers, other so many other unique opportunities.

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Our Expertise

Why FirstLook

We understand your time, energy, and resources are precious. You have better things to do than spend months wandering down ‘Investor Lane’ shaking a cup for money.

You are certainly capable of doing that, but is it the best use of your time? No. Every minute fundraising is a minute taken away from building your dream company. And in the end, it’s all just a battle against the clock.

That’s why we started FirstLook to help founders raise quicker, work more efficiently, and get back to building so you can be the hero of their story.

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Connect with investors who believe in you, and want to see your vision reach fruition.

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Time and money saved = a better shot at building your dream company.

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We put your brand on the map so you hear “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of you!” way too often.

Working Together

Jumping in a Box

Startups who make it in a box (congrats!) enjoy all of the following…

  • Your products sent to a bunch of chatty investors who love consumer brands
  • Notes highlighting how they’re the next big thing!
  • Your brand shared with additional investors via our private email list
  • Features in our newsletter and Instagram to drive awareness and sales
  • Lifetime intros to key people from our network who can help you flourish
  • Access to private resources and community of venture backed founders