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Deep Expertise

Support Beyond Funding

We’ve helped 300+ brands raise millions. Along the way we’ve learned a ton on what makes winners stand out. 

Our Standard: Work with professionals who’ve already done what you want to do. Each of our team members has built something from scratch into a big success, and now they’re helping others do the same.

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Pitch Deck Strategy & Storytelling 

Building a deck that lands you millions is hard. Investors see so many decks, that their minds are finely tuned to glaze over and find a reason to say “no”.

Developing a story on why you’re the right horse to bet on is what we do best.

Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is critical to growth, but it’s constantly evolving, and there aren’t enough minutes in the day to remain an expert and run the rest of your business. 

If you jump into performance marketing, it’s best to let someone who only focuses on this 24/7 take the reins, or risk burning cash making mistakes. 



Athlete Partnerships

Athletes can really move the needle for a brand, both from partnerships and as investors. But whose the right athlete, and how do you properly structure the deal?

Our in-house sports agent knows this area well, and shares his expertise with brands while also pairing them with the right athletes.  



Independent Distribution

The distribution industry is archaic, has too many gatekeepers, and is loaded with nuances that can bankrupt a startup overnight. 

Our sister company Distrobox helps brands build a proper growth strategy, get in front of distributors, and navigate nuances as things grow. 

Working Capital

Giving up equity to finance production or make payroll is heartbreaking. Most working capital providers, however, are too templated. Only square startups into a square hole. 

We take the opposite approach. We learn about the brand and what they need, they go to the market to find the capital and terms that makes sense.