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FirstLook for Investors

Experiencing is believing

Feel, test, and (sometimes taste) innovative products from emerging brands sent directly to your doorstep. 

Getting Started

How it Works

Step one


Get started by joining our waistlist below. We want to learn about you as an investor and a person.

Step Two


Subscribers receive a monthly box with exciting products, notes, and content from five or more emerging brands.

Step Three


After deciding which brands look interesting, we connect investors with founders so they can dive more into the brand.

The Value

Why FirstLook?

More startups are born each day than any one can possibly see. Meanwhile, if an investor isn’t making a ton of noise to attract them, it’s hard to be the “first money in.” With FirstLook, investors see more deals, experience brands upfront to save time, and ultimately help founders change the world.

We’re not here to replace anyone’s deal flow, only support it. Investing is a numbers game, and for those who value their time, we hope you join us on our journey.

Get Your Time Back

We help you turn over more rocks so you don’t have to.

Better Investments

VC quality access with direct-investment economics. 

Change the World

Empower incredible founders changing the world.

Working Together

How much does FirstLook cost?

A Firstlook subscription costs $99 per month and includes:

  • A monthly box full of awesome products from five or more startups
  • Due-diligence notes and supporting content on each startup
  • Bonus products from startups who aren’t raising, but could be soon
  • The opportunity to invest in the next breakout brand before everyone else