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FirstLook for Investors

VC Quality Deal Flow in a Box

Feel, test, (and sometimes taste) innovative products from the top emerging brands sent directly to you.

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Getting Started

How it Works

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Step one

Sign Up

We’ll schedule an intro call to learn about you as an investor and a person. We take pride in working with the best.

Step Two


As a Member, you’ll receive a monthly box of 6-8 brands and their data rooms, plus access to additional deal flow and more.

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Step Three


After you decide which brands are worth having a deeper conversation with, we loop you in with the founder to dive in.

“It’s like Christmas every month!” 

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Nick Ost
Principal, Venture-G

“The other family offices ask me where I meet all these great brands. I tell them FirstLook.”

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Toren Kutnick
Managing Director, Family Office
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The Value

Why FirstLook?

Finding the right opportunity is a never ending numbers game to meet the next Smart Sweets ($360M exit), Aviation Gin ($610M), Drunk Elephant ($840M), or Ring (≈$1.3B). Investors have to create a ton of noise, and even that isn’t enough given how busy and loud the VC landscape has become.

If you’re not building an extremely deep network or tall and bright lighthouse that attracts founders like a homing beacon,  you’ll never consistently land the best deals. 

That’s what we’re doing at FirstLook, and sharing it with our Investor Members so they get more of their time back all while still investing in the next breakout brands before everyone else. Cool, right?

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Save Time

We turn over more rocks so you don’t have to.

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Better Investments

VC quality access with direct-investment economics. 

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Grow Your Network

Support incredible founders changing the world.

Working Together

What Comes with an Investor Membership?

  • A monthly box full of innovative products from 6-8 exciting startups with access to data rooms and decks.
  • Additional deal flow of startups in other consumer-adjacent industries, plus brands who couldn’t go in the boxes (ie. perishables and large products).
  • Bonus products from startups who aren’t raising now, but will be soon.
  • Access to the next breakout brands before your peers (we maintain a membership cap).