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A better way to raise

“Meeting investors was quick and easy” — no founder ever.

That’s because there’s too much friction between founders and investors. Likewise, serious conversations rarely begin until an investor experiences a startup’s product first.

That’s why we’re rewriting the script, via a subscription box, so investors experiencing brands comes first.

Makes sense, right?

The Process

How it Works


First, we find emerging, high-growth brands who are raising capital. After careful due-diligence, we tease out the best.


Next, we send their products and notes to investors so they can experience and learn about the brands firsthand.


Finally, we connect founders with the investors interested in their brand. From here, it’s up to them to close a deal.

The Value

Why FirstLook?


  • Shorter, more productive fundraising
  • Money saved via distribution
  • Investor and Marketing exposure


  • Discover breakout brands (before everyone else)
  • Experience innovative products firsthand
  • Boost market intelligence and network
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A Better Way to Raise

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