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A subscription box full of emerging
consumer brands for early-stage investors

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The Process

How it Works

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Each month we find the top emerging brands who are raising. After careful due-diligence, we tease out the very best.

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Next, we send their products and our notes to investors so they can experience and learn about the brands firsthand.

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Finally, we connect the founders with the investors interested in their brand. From here, it’s up to them to close a deal!


By the Numbers

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Brands Shipped

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Intros Made

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Capital Raised for Brands ($Millons)

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Our Expertise

Why FirstLook

We understand a founder’s time, energy, and resources are precious. They have far better things to do than spend months wandering down ‘Investor Lane’ shaking a cup for money.

Every minute fundraising is a minute taken away from building their dream company. And in the end, it’s all a battle against the clock.

That’s why we started FirstLook to help founders raise quicker, work more efficiently, and get back to building so they can be the hero of their story.

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Get Funded

Connect with investors who believe in you, and want to see your vision reach fruition.


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Work Smarter

Time and money saved means longer runways and more cash for growth for you to thrive


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Grab Exposure

We put your brand on the map so you hear “Oh yeah, I know you!” way too often.

Not a Consumer Brand Startup?

We can still help. For all Consumer tech, eComm tech, or similar startups in the consumer space, we curate a special Deal Flow email for our 150+ Investors Network who invest in all things consumer.